ArtPrize 2022!

It's time for ArtPrize, 2022! The event runs from September 15 to October 2. 

Congrats to our members who are exhibiting in this year's event!

Artist: Ricardo Tavárez
Title: Ella Asciende
Medium: Pencil
Venue: Grow Hub GR

Artist: Ann Hulce Nicholson
Title: Lily
Medium: Watercolor
Venue: Flanagan's Irish Pub

Artist: Leon Lou
Title: Part of the Picture
Medium: Time based, interactive drawing
Venue: Gerald R. Ford Museum

Artist: Mary Helmic
Title: St. Adalbert in the Evening Light
Medium: Photography
Venue: The Holiday Bar

Artist: Rose Ellis
Title:  Dogfight
Medium: 3D Mixed Media
Venue: DeVos Place

Artist: Doug Schwentor
Title: Dawn of a New Day
Medium: Acrylic
Venue: Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

Artist: Bonnie Wright
Title: Dance of the Black-Eyed Susans
Medium: Acrylic
Venue: Cornerstone Church on Lafayette

Artist: Damienne Ehlenfeldt
Title: Prayers for the Silenced
Medium: Prayer Bell Installation
Venue: Fountain Street Church

Artist: Steve Scarborough
Title: Reflections
Medium: Oil Painting
Venue: B.O.B.

Artist: Stone Peng
Title: Being Alone
Medium: Photography
Venue: DeVos Place

Artist: Jill Mulder
Title: Abundance
Medium: Oil
Venue: Brush Studio

Artist: Kathleen Ford
Title: Can you Hear THAT?!
Medium: 2D Mixed Media
Venue: Brush Studio

Artist: M. Joy Lemon
Title: A Study of Light and Form
Medium: Charcoal and chalk
Venue: Monroe Community Church

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