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William Alexander

Alexander entered the professional world of graphic design and illustration after earning his BFA in fine art and design, studying at GVSU, Memphis Academy of Art and Columbia College in Chicago.... read more
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Jan Arbogast

I am a watercolorist who specializes in unique, detailed, and illustrated watercolor portraits. Art tells stories - stories of emotion. I offer art that honors the personality of my subjects.... read more
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Alix Bartnick

“My Bio” I have been an artist my whole life. I started out drawing, creating, and photographing horses, including my own, as a child. In sixth grade, I felt happy designing a wire sculpture... read more
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Diann Bartnick Borton

I graduated from Kendall School of Design in l976. This was the beginning of taking several classes over the years in printmaking, paper making, clay, paper clay and mosaics. My love for watercolor... read more

David Bechtel

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Deborah Bergren

Almost 20 years ago I felt God calling me to do a painting to honor his work in my daughter’s life. I had never painted before let alone people but I did it in faith and that painting was accepted... read more
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Larry Blovits

Larry J. Blovits Resume 1835 Luce S.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49534-8916 (616) 677-1765, e-mail larryjblovits@gmail.com... read more
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Robin Bowles

Born in Scotland and have resided in USA since 1980. Moved to Grand Rapids to work for Steelcase as an interior designer. Retired 2012 and I'm currently rediscovering drawing and watercolour... read more

Sandi Brogger

Sandi Brogger (1952 - 2021) Retired and found new life in art. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums. Currently working with hand painted ceramic tiles using markers and alcohol ink... read more
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Pat Buist

I began painting watercolors four years ago after retiring from my nursing and safety career. I am intrigued by the way water, paper and pigments mingle and how I can use various techniques and... read more

Sarabeth Carr

I have been painting since 1999 first in watercolor, and now mostly in pastel. Landscapes are my favorite subject but still lifes have their place. More of my creative time is spent working with... read more

Evie Carrier

Evie Carrier is from both Grand Rapids and Paradise Michigan specializing in uniquely expressive cityscapes, landscapes, and waterscapes. She captures stunning beauty through the lens, while... read more
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Lora Cecola

I have painted wildlife and human portraits using pastel, oil and sketch materials. In the past few years, my interest has shifted to digital photography and creating surrealistic images using... read more

Bill Christiansen

My medium is Digital Photography despite what your eyes may suggest. My intention is that my work will take you to a place you’ve never been before, a place you’ve been wanting to visit, or a place... read more
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Cynthia Lang Coleman

I do fine art floor cloths, watercolor paintings, and painted canvas jewelry! I grew up with art done by my father and the Lang family. As an adult, I've dabbled and collected. Recently,... read more
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Linda Doering

Dana Donnell

Mary Jo Roys Drueke

Mary Jo is a lifelong resident of the Grand Rapids area. She is a wife and mother and grandmother and dog mom. In addition to being an artist she is a psychotherapist in private practice. She... read more
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Dani Ehlenfeldt

I am an Artist and British Trained Awenydd, a member of Grand Valley Artist, and I am from Grand Rapids, MI . As an artist, I create mandalas and have self-published my own mandala oracle deck called... read more
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Rose Ellis’s paintings are inspired by a wide range of subjects, both classical and modern, in the categories of landscapes, florals, and abstraction. A west Michigan artist who trained at the... read more
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Susan Ellison

I have been painting and drawing since childhood, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Wayne State University and taking graduate classes in drawing and painting at Central Michigan... read more

Brooks Filonow

My life as a military wife took me all over the world.. lucky to visit many art museums while in Europe. I have always loved art and have taken classes in oils, watercolors and most recently... read more

Carol Friend

Born and raised in Grand Rapids Mi. Art has always been part of my life. Studied art in school, and continued photography as well. After raising my children I again pursued art. Watercolor and... read more

Lisa Iagulli Geren

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Joe Goeldel

Joe Goeldel is a multi-functional graphic designer/developer/artist. He started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, crayon, or anything else that could make a sleek, vivid line on paper,... read more
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Norma Golden

I am an artist who lives in West Michigan near Lake Michigan. I love painting sky, water, nature of all kinds. Recently retired from teaching, I have released the repressed artist within me. The... read more
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Linda Greer

After years as a clinical social worker, found a clean escape to the narrative world of photography in 2010.

Diane Haworth

Primarily a painter in oil, acrylic, pastel and egg tempera and occasionally a printmaker.

Mary Helmic

My approach to creating contemporary artwork is very intuitive. I gather materials and open myself to an interior process, responding to the energies of the various materials and how their textures,... read more

Ann Hulce Nicholson

I am a watercolor artist and work from my studios here in Grand Rapids and in Brooklyn, New York. I am a born and raised Michgander who spent over 40 years living and working in NYC. After I... read more
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Bill Ingraham

Jim Johnson

I was born in 1944, educated at Kendall College of Art and the Art Institute Of Chicago. After a four year enlistment in the Navy, I began an illustration career that spanned the next three decades... read more

Karen S Johnson

Growing up in West Michigan, and always appreciating the Great Lakes, the abundant wildlife, and changing seasons, I'm always energized by natures beauty that surrounds us, and anxious to... read more

Kathleen Kalinowski

Kathleen Kalinowski, is known for her representational landscape paintings with impressionistic color and brushwork. Much of her work consists of plein air painting, directly from nature, a prelude... read more
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John Kemler

I am semi-retired. I work as a creative manager from my home for Hodges University in Naples, FL. We lived there for ten years, then moved back to Michigan a year ago to be closer to family. I... read more
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DeLaine Klar

After graduating from Art Center College of Design in California, I became an art director working for various advertising agencies on national and international accounts in New York and California... read more
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Marty Klar

I am a retired staff/freelance advertising Creative Director/Copywriter who in the summer of 2012 discovered a modicum of artistic ability. I joined GVA in 2013. With a household full of art supplies... read more
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Doug Klemm

I grew up in St. Joseph, MI, where I cultivated early interests in art, exploring a variety of mediums. I received my Bachelors degree in Art Education (painting and drawing) and my Masters degree... read more

Bonnie Kolarik

I love to draw, and photograph, its my escape.

Beth Kolomyjec

I learned to draw as a child from my father. I have dabbled in oils in my younger days and more recently pastel's and acrylics. I am currently working to fine tune my paper mache scultpuring (... read more

Katherine Kreutziger

Kathy Kreutziger is like a “reissuance artist” a skilled artist in many media: oil painting, water color painting, prisma color pencils drawing, pastels drawing, colored pencil drawing, pen &... read more
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Margaret Kriegbaum

Jean Kubiszewski

Working with pastels - especially Plein Air - is calming and challenging at the same time. My goal is to attempt to capture the beauty and wonder of God's landscapes.

Carol Laurn

M. Joy Lemon

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Mary Marin

Mary Marin (1949-2021) Raised in Michigan, I left the state to live in the Virgin Islands for 14 years, teaching and having too much fun. I returned to Michigan with 3 young children in tow in... read more
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Jim Markle

A Signature Member of the PSA and Master Member of the Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Assn. he travels, teaches and paints ‘en plein air’ throughout the world. The recipient of numerous national art... read more
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Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy

I fancy myself as a photographer and have been taking photos of everything - buildings, people, flowers, wildlife, and barns old - ugly barns. “There is no such thing as ugly,” my father used to say... read more
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Gene McClellan

After a year at Kendal School of Design I was diverted to military service during the Vietnam conflict. After a 20 year career in the US Navy, a 12 year career in an industrial facility, and a 15... read more

Jill Mulder

My name is Jill Mulder and my heart's desire is to paint the beauty that surrounds me. I have BFA from Calvin University and have started to paint with the intention to grow as an artist 2... read more
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Randall Nyhof

I have been involved with different aspects of photography for more that 40 years. At first to produce fine art, along with my painting and printmaking. Eventually I became involved in commercial,... read more
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Dennis O'Mara

I studied sculpture and print making at Olivet College. In the years after graduation I continued my studies in these areas and received my Masters from Olivet College. I work in a wide range of... read more
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Janice Paulson

Janice Paulson began her journey as a Doll artisan in the late 1980’s. She created porcelain dolls, exhibited across the Midwest and taught doll-making for 10 years. Twenty years ago she experimented... read more

Kristen Pham

About the Artist: Kristen Thornton-Pham attended Central Michigan University and graduated from Ferris State University with a B.S. in Health Information Administration. While attending college,... read more

Darlene Podpolucki

Darlene graduated from Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, MI where she majored in interior design and creative art. During her time at Kendall Darlene received several awards for her... read more

Mary Jane Pories

Mary Jane Pories is an American artist born in Rochester, NY. She lives in Grand Rapids MI and works primarily in acrylics and oils. Her improvisational approach to life and art results in works that... read more
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Diann Reicherts-Lemmen

Native of Indiana, Diann Lemmen has lived in Michigan the past thirty years and loves to create paintings of the natural scenes available through the state. She is a member of the Grand Valley... read more
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Erin Reinholtz

“I paint to celebrate life, and my art serves to inspire others to discover meaning in all that they do, to break away from the superficial and feel appreciation of life on the deepest level.... read more
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Mary Reusch

Mary Reusch has painted landscapes for many years, though recently she has become interested in using landscape as metaphor. This idea has encouraged her to view weeds emerging through concrete as... read more
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Gene Sampson

I am an artist who works primarily in pastel. I am drawn to "still-life" painting because of the various shapes, textures, colors and reflective surfaces that are possible to paint . I... read more

Steve Scarborough

My formal education is in art design, sculpture and oil painting, studying at Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan, 1970-1972, and at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, 1975-1977.... read more
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Linda Scarborough

I enjoy taking photographs of intimate spots that make you want to jump into.

Richard Schaf

Richard spent 3 semesters at Center for Creative Studies after high school for advertising at which point changed direction and got into mechanical design as a career. He came back to CCS after 25... read more

David Skidmore

I am an attorney by day and an amateur artist in my free time. I typically paint with acrylic on canvas. I like vibrant, wild colors and surreal, unusual images. My goal is to paint something that... read more

Michael Stewart

My primary subjects of interest for paintings are found in the southwest michigan area. The style of painting I have developed over the years can be described as semi realistic impressionism. My... read more

Holly Sturges

As a college student, I took my undergraduate courses in painting and studied with Rudolf Baranik at City College of New York and the Art Students League. I also attended the New York Studio School... read more

Joanne Swann

Florence Truskowski

I have been an artist for years. I graduated from community college in 1996 with an associate degree. I was also on the Deans list that year. My art is a mix of things, from abstract to graphics, and... read more
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Eileen Urbanski

"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart" Vincent Van Gogh - For over 30 years I've spent my time teaching art in 5 different states, but now it's time for me to... read more

Ruth VanderMeulen

Cindy Wojciakowski

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Mi, my goal as an artist is to create & reproduce works of art for the working class at affordable prices. My appreciation of art spawned my study of how to paint... read more
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Sara Youngman

Long story short - I became an artist/printmaker on March 28, 2008 after 55 years of "I know I'm an artist, why can't I draw/paint/sculpt?" I began doing drypoint on plexiglas... read more

Sara Youngman

Thanks to a day with LeeAnn Frame, I became a printmaker, drypoint and etchings - hard and soft ground, in May 2008. In 2020 I discovered acrylics and began doing poured/splattered/fingerpainted... read more