Marty Klar
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I am a semi-retired freelance advertising Creative Director/Copywriter who in the summer of 2012 discovered a modicum of artistic ability. I joined GVA in 2013. With a household full of art supplies my wife and daughter had accrued I tried all media. Graphite and I got along nicely and I've enjoyed doing charcoal portraits as well. Some ink and watercolor work wasn't awful. I've tried pastel but I'll pass. Oil painting has most of my attention lately, but results vary greatly. During ArtPrize Nine I displayed a photograph and it sold. How fun was that! I went back into my photo archives and added some of my favorites you're about to see. My personal website represents my past as a copywriter. You can see (and purchase) over forty of my favorite photographs by going to and entering my name in search.Thanks for listening.
Marty Klar's Artwork