Sara Youngman
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Long story short - I became an artist/printmaker on March 28, 2008 after 55 years of "I know I'm an artist, why can't I draw/paint/sculpt?" I began doing drypoint on plexiglas plates, sometimes hand-coloring the images, or adding chine colle. Then I switched to drypoint, then etchings, on copper. I call my style stream-of-conscious as I don't work from a mental image, I just draw a shape which leads to a line which leads to another line... it's finished when it feels finished. I then may experiment with printing the image in different, or multiple, colors, printing two plates together, or whatever feels right at the time. An injury slowed me down in 2012, but in the summer I began a series of imaginary winged bug etchings, which then turned into hard and soft ground etchings with leaf/branch/flower backgrounds and the bugs drawn over them. The soft ground backgrounds are obviously planned, but I 'wing it' when it comes to drawing the bugs. I never know where one will pop up. As of January 2013 the series numbers 20.
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