Curt Boltman
My introduction to the Arts was oil painting under the training by a Minnespolis Artist when I was 12 years old. During my early teens I also dabbled in Sand Casting and Metal Welding Sculpting. While obtaining a degree in Business Administration at the University of Minnesota, I also minored in Art, primarily in Art History and Sculpture. Several years ago, while mining for Opals in Nevada with my friend, Mike Crafton, we discovered Sagebrush. It is a beautiful plant with an unusual flow of it's twisting "branches". Many of our customers liken our product to the Bonsai Trees. My current direction is combining the beauty of the form of various plants, primarily desert Sagebrush, with the contrasting beauty of various rocks and gem stones found in the same deserts as the Sagebrush. Each item I create is unique onto itself.
Curt Boltman's Artwork