Karen S Johnson
Growing up in West Michigan, and always appreciating the Great Lakes, the abundant wildlife, and changing seasons, I'm always energized by natures beauty that surrounds us, and anxious to capture it on canvas. Although I'm mostly a self taught artist, I have read several Artist's Techniques books in order to improve on my skills. I have taken workshops over the years from professional well known local artists. My Mother was a talented painter and always encouraged me. Over the years I worked in a different capacity. I have created numerous paintings during my spare time for my co-workers, friends, and neighbors of their pets, children, and favorite vacation spots. I always longed for the day when I could do this full time. Now that I have more free time to devote to my painting, I decided to join GVA. The Open Studio Sketch Groups that are offered are very satisfying as is the comradeship and I find it very relaxing and enjoyable to paint with the other Artists for there is nothing like painting from life for improving on rendering form, shadows and lights. I have entered a couple of Regional Competitions, and plan to do more of that. I love painting a variety of subjects, especially dogs and cats, but I also enjoy doing Landscapes, Florals and Still Life's. I work in various mediums including: Pastels, Oils, and Acrylics.
Karen S Johnson's Artwork