Spiritual Art Competition Info from Kristin Thornton

Five Grand Rapids venues will be involved in an spiritual art competition in October:
Trinity Lutheran, Christ Lutheran, Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, Samaritas, and St. Lukes Lutheran Church.
The theme is Word, Faith and Grace. Works submitted should fit this theme, with spiritual and family friendly subject matter.
All mediums can be submitted for the competition; including 2D and 3D works. Judging will be done on line mid-September.
Fees are $10 for 1 piece, $15 for 2 pieces.

Additional Longer Pose Opportunities Coming to GVA on Thursdays

GVA will now be offering long pose sessions featuring the same model for multiple weeks in a row in the same pose, same outfit (or nude), for 4 hours/mutiple sessions. No instruction, so the only cost will be your share of the model’s fee. The next long pose open session will be held on September 14, September 21, September 28, and October 5 from 1 until 5. (Four sessions total.) This opportunity is open to members and non-members. Anyone is welcome to come to all or one day.

Cascade Library

The Cascade Library is a beautiful venue that provides a great deal of exposure to GVA artists. The work at the library is being switched out for the summer. The new artists who will have work at this location from July 24th–October 24th are Mary Reusch, Mary Helmic, and Dave Bazen.
If you want to share your work at the library, contact Candice Chovanec at candicechovanec@yahoo.com.

GVA Space Rental

If you are an organization and would like to rent the GVA studio or critique space for one day/evening, the cost is $70. If you are a GVA member and would like to rent the space for one or more days/evenings, the cost is $35 per day/evening. To rent the space, check with Dave Bazen re availability, then click below for an application. Dave can be contacted at 616-453-6706 or dbazen@bazenelectric.com.


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