2018 Reeds Lake Poster Contest Deadline December 14th

The poster can be original art or a digital file. A digital file image must measure 8” x 12” at 300 ppi (2400 x 3600 pixels).  Submit to rkraai@ameritech.net no later than December 14th. An original piece of art must measure 12” x 18” and can be placed in the board room at GVA no later than December 14th. Images do not need to include the wording, which can be added electronically. If you wish to include wording describing the event, include the following:

GVA Shines at Clark Retirement Community

Be sure to visit the show at the Donna Chase Gallery at Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, at 1551 Franklin Street SE. The show will take place from October 24 to December 3. Clark is an exciting venue, with an extensive art collection on view; there are works by many renowned artists, including an impressive Armand Merizon collection, along with art by other members of GVA and artists in the West Michigan community.

Cascade Library

The Cascade Library is a beautiful venue that provides a great deal of exposure to GVA artists. The work at the library is being switched out for the summer. The new artists who will have work at this location from July 24th–October 24th are Mary Reusch, Mary Helmic, and Dave Bazen.
If you want to share your work at the library, contact Candice Chovanec at candicechovanec@yahoo.com.


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