Members will vote for the positions of President and Treasurer at Critique, December 5. Click on "Read more" to learn about the candidates.

Candidates for GVA President:
The next President and Treasurer of GVA will be elected by paper ballot at 7:30 pm on Thursday, Decem- ber 5, 2019. Members who wish to vote must do so in person. The nominating committee presents for your consideration four candidates for the two positions; all have been invited to provide information about their relationships with GVA and their qualifications.


Edd Kloote is willing to serve GVA as its next President. He has been involved with GVA off and on since the 1980s. He also has an associate’s degree in art and has worked 40 years in the picture framing and gallery industry.
Alex Myrhorodsky has volunteered to serve as GVA President. According to our records, he joined GVA in 2018. He has been a fine art and photo printer as well as a photographer for over 20 years and has done con- siderable printing for members of GVA over the years and for ArtPrize participants. He became interested in GVA after doing a lot of work for Dixie Olin. He loves art and what it does for the soul and mind of peo- ple. He thinks we need more young people involved with GVA, as we can learn from each other. According to Alex, the GVA members he has met are a distinguished group of artists and art lovers, and he states that GVA is a gold mine of artists that can add so much to the community. He says, “We cannot do this alone; let us all together form a team for the future of art in our community.”

Joanne Swann is a candidate for GVA President. A second-generation GVA member -- who initially accom- panied her mother, Emma Grachtrup, and her mother’s friend Shirley Hinz when visiting from California -- Joanne officially joined in 2005 when she moved back to Grand Rapids to assist her mother as she aged and lost her eyesight. Joanne has served as Secretary on the GVA board 2008-2012 and as our ArtPrize Coordi- nator. She is currently part of the Legacy committee and participates in Art Chat. She also promotes GVA by attending Grand Rapids Gallery Association meetings and by organizing workshops and events to be held at our studios.

Candidate for GVA Treasurer:
Lloyd Wheeler is our only candidate for the position of GVA Treasurer. A member of GVA for four years since moving to Grand Rapids, his participation has been limited to sketching sessions and program eve- nings. His credentials include 30 plus years of accounting and financial experience: Board Member and Treasurer of Applewood Condos (Grand Rapids, MI) and Fairwinds Condos (Annapolis, MD); Chief of Financial Operations for Anne Arundel County, MD; and Lead Accountant for Anne Arundel City Public Schools. Subsequent to his retirement, he has also provided accounting services for several small businesses. Degrees: BS, U of Maryland; MBA, U of Baltimore.