Wondering Whether to Join GVA?

Submitted by Janice Paulson: I joined GVA to take advantage of an opportunity to work with other artists. I had been taking classes with Dana Ziebarth in pastel. She thought all her students should join. I was amazed and intimidated with the talented artists that were members. There reputations preceded them. I had admired Kathleen Kalinowski’s pastel paintings in galleries years before she became my teacher, mentor and friend. I had known of Kathleen Bechtel's oil paintings long before I came to know her as the director of The Franciscan Center. She aided my artistic spirit more than she could know. Guys like Larry Blovits and Jim Markle became my teachers as well and have influenced me a great deal. Jim Johnson has over the years been an inspiration with his gorgeous watercolors. I knew of the lovely pastels painted by Carl Forslund long before I saw him at Critique. Most recently, we have the talented California addition to GVA, Candice Chovanec, whom We have all been blessed to work with.

I had no idea all those years ago how much these people would mean to me. All of you have become mentors and well as friends. GVA has may volunteers who have labored wholeheartedly to make GVA what it is today.

I will always be grateful to GVA. It had exceeded my expectations. Well worth the price of admission.

Janice Paulson
Pastel Artist