Info on book about Armand Merizon and related events

Submitted by Muriel Zandstra
Yesterday when Dave and I were in Grand Rapids marketing the Merizon book, Dr. Larry Gerbens specifically asked me to share this information with you in hopes that you will share with West Michigan 8, GVA members and friends. The book ARMAND MERIZON: His Life and Art, is now selling at the following venues:

         E-Bay (mail orders)
         Baker Book House & book signing,  Jan. 24
         Calvin College
         Meijer Gardens
         Grand Rapids Art Museum
         Mercury Head Gallery
         Perceptions Gallery
         Kendall School of Art & Design (very soon)
         Merizon Studio

You are invited to attend any of these events:

Jan. 14, Sunday, Central Reformed Church  11am. Presentation by Muriel
Zandstra about Merizon’s life, art, and spirituality

Jan. 24, Wednesday, Baker Book House  12:15 - 55-minute documentary ARMAND, Q
& A and book signing

March 8, Thursday, Calvin College, 12 noon presentation by Dr. Scott
Westhouse, Dr. Larry Gerbens and Muriel Zandstra
         (using Merizon’s paintings to illustrate how Macular Degeneration
changed Merizon's painting style)

Muriel Zandstra