Deadline December 15 to Enter LowellArts

We are very excited that GVA will have an exhibition at the beautiful LowellArts Council building, located at 223 Main Street in Lowell, Michigan, from January 6 to February 10. (Click "Read more" to learn how to enter.)

The LowellArts Gallery Committee established the following:
➢The dates designated for bringing art work juried into Lowell Arts Exhibit is Tuesday, January 2, from 10 a.m. to 12 and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. When exhibition dates have ended, you may pick up your work February 12 and 13 at LowellArts.
➢The reception is scheduled for Sunday, January 7 from 2p.m. to 4 p.m. Both Grand Valley artists and Lowell volunteers will bring food for us to enjoy. I know our members will make us proud by bringing delicious treats.
➢Lowell Arts will take 30% commission on art sales.
➢Lowell Arts is a community/family oriented gallery. While nude images are allowed, do not submit sexually provocative images.
➢They do have space for a few sculptures.
➢There will be concerts held during our exhibition dates and room is needed for musicians as well as guests.

GVA has established the following:
➢Our exhibit will be juried by Fred Bivins.
➢Submissions open November 13, 2017, and close December 15, 2017. LowellArts has a spacious gallery, so members may enter up to 4 pieces of art.
➢To apply to this exhibit send your entries to

On the subject line enter: GVA In View-Exhibition
Enter your name, address, city, state, zip
Enter your phone number and email address
Next, list your entries, numbering each as follows:
Entry 1: Title of Work
Price: $$$ or NFS
Repeat for Entries 2, 3 and 4
Attach a photo of each entry
Your cost of entry is $20 for one entry. Add $5 for each additional entry.

First Place Award is $200. Second Place Award is
$150. Third Place Award $100. Fourth Place Award is

Presentation of work:
➢Work must be wired for hanging.
➢Please, no giclees of paintings or prints such as woodcuts, silkscreens, etc.
➢Framing must show good craftsmanship.
➢No exposed glass edges or saw-tooth hangers.
➢Entries will be handled with all possible care. However, neither GVA nor LowellArts is responsible for loss or damage to an artist’s work.
➢Selected entries must remain for the duration of the exhibit.
➢Please do not include entries which have previously been displayed in a prior show in LowellArts.
➢If you have no computer access or have difficulty submitting your entries, contact Doug Klemm at (616) 481-6121.
We looked forward to receiving your art entries. Best wishes and good luck to all of you. Please address any questions/concerns you may have to either Doug
Klemm at or Carol Laurn at