Show Your Work at ArtPrize 10!

Bring your next project to Grand Rapids! As an ArtPrize Artist, you can:

  • Let the City of Grand Rapids be your canvas;
  • Interact with thousands of curious, engaged visitors;
  • Have your work seen by jurors and other art-world notables;
  • Build relationships and sell your work;
  • Show your work alongside other remarkable ArtPrize Artists;

And so much more.

No More Starving Artists at GVA!

Historically, there are numerous examples of artists who have so totally focused their attention on their artistic pursuits that they have neglected their personal needs—some even failing to eat properly. That’s where the term “Starving Artists” originated.

Take Michelangelo for example. He was so preoccupied with his art that he was known to have slept with his boots on. That’s weird!  And even though he was a very rich man, at times he liked to snack. (Click on "read more")

ArtPrize 2018

Grand Valley Artists has once again been accepted as a venue for ArtPrize. Our location this year will be at the former Water Treatment Building, Street Level at 1101 N. Monroe Ave. NW. The square footage in this part of the building is between 4,000 and 5,000 SF, so we will be able to accommodate a larger number of entries than we did last year. While we’d love to have the venue exclusive to GVA members, the stipulation with the city, who owns the building, is that we be inclusive and diverse in our selections. That said, we will be jurying the venue.

June in the Gallery

The theme for the month of May is the color red. This exhibit can be viewed until June 1. The month of June will be a tribute to and feature the works of one of our lifetime members. Stay tuned to learn more prior to the beginning of the month.


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