Our Artwork

William Alexander

Alexander entered the professional world of graphic design and illustration after earning his BFA in fine art and design, studying at GVSU, Memphis Academy of Art and Columbia College in Chicago.... read more
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Dave Bazen

David Bechtel

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Larry Blovits

Larry J. Blovits Resume 0-1835 Luce S.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49534-8916 (616) 677-1765, e-mail larryblovits@mac.com... read more
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Curt Boltman

My introduction to the Arts was oil painting under the training by a Minnespolis Artist when I was 12 years old. During my early teens I also dabbled in Sand Casting and Metal Welding Sculpting.... read more
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Robin Bowles

Born in Scotland and have resided in USA since 1980. Moved to Grand Rapids to work for Steelcase as an interior designer. Retired 2012 and I'm currently rediscovering drawing and watercolour... read more

Sarabeth Carr

I have been painting since 1999 first in watercolor, and now mostly in pastel. Landscapes are my favorite subject but still lifes have their place. More of my creative time is spent working with... read more

Evie Carrier

Evie Carrier is from both Grand Rapids and Paradise Michigan specializing in uniquely expressive cityscapes, landscapes, and waterscapes. She captures stunning beauty through the lens, while... read more
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Lora Cecola

I have painted wildlife and human portraits using pastel, oil and sketch materials. In the past few years, my interest has shifted to digital photography and creating surrealistic images using... read more

Carol Friend

Born and raised in Grand Rapids Mi. photography has always been part of my life. After I retired photography classes, and study of photography became a passion . Nature, Still life and Wildlife are... read more

Lisa Iagulli Geren

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Karen S Johnson

Growing up in West Michigan, and always appreciating the Great Lakes, the abundant wildlife, and changing seasons, I'm always energized by natures beauty that surrounds us, and anxious to... read more

Jim Johnson

Kathleen Kalinowski

Kathleen Kalinowski, is known for her representational landscape paintings with impressionistic color and brushwork. Much of her work consists of plein air painting, directly from nature, a prelude... read more
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Marty Klar

I am a semi-retired freelance advertising Creative Director/Copywriter who in the summer of 2012 discovered a modicum of artistic ability. My goal is to learn and grow as an artist. I'm... read more
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DeLaine Klar

Bonnie Kolarik

I love to draw, and photograph, its my escape.

Jeremy Kuhn

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Carol Laurn

Samantha Luotonen

Samantha Luotonen is a freelance illustrator specializing in colored pencil drawings of the natural world. She is very interested in nature's beauty and simplicity, and highlighting that beauty... read more
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Mary Marin

With years of teaching English and Spanish, then working in corporate America, and raising three terrific children now behind me, I am now relaxing and enjoying my retirement, sharing time with my... read more
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Jim Markle

A Signature Member of the PSA and Master Member of the Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Assn. he travels, teaches and paints ‘en plein air’ throughout the world. The recipient of numerous national art... read more
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Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy

I fancy myself as a photographer and have been taking photos since my father bought an Olympus OM10 camera when I was 15 years old. I photographed everything - buildings, people, flowers, wildlife,... read more

Bob McDonald

Drawn all my life, still learning art every day.
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Jan McKinnon

Barb Munro

Randall Nyhof

I have been involved with different aspects of photography for more that 40 years. At first to produce fine art, along with my painting and printmaking. Eventually I became involved in commercial,... read more
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Gene Sampson

I am an artist who works primarily in pastel. I am drawn to "still-life" painting because of the various shapes, textures, colors and reflective surfaces that are possible to paint . I... read more

Richard Schaf

Richard spent 3 semesters at Center for Creative Studies after high school for advertising at which point changed direction and got into mechanical design as a career. He came back to CCS after 25... read more

Holly Sturges

As a college student, I took my undergraduate courses in painting and studied with Rudolf Baranik at City College of New York and the Art Students League. I also attended the New York Studio School... read more

Joanne Swann

David Thinger

B.A. Graphic Design at Cal State Univ. Long Beach. I initially worked in graphic design for ten years but I had switched to being a professional artist selling my art by means of galleries, art... read more
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Kristen Thornton

About the Artist: Kristen Thornton attended Central Michigan University and graduated from Ferris State University with a B.S. in Health Information Administration. While attending college, she... read more

Florence Truskowski

I have been an artist for years. I graduated from community college in 1996 with an associate degree. I was also on the Deans list that year. My art is a mix of things, from abstract to graphics, and... read more
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Eileen Urbanski

"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart" Vincent Van Gogh - For over 30 years I've spent my time teaching art in 5 different states, but now it's time for me to... read more

Sara Youngman

Long story short - I became an artist/printmaker on March 28, 2008 after 55 years of "I know I'm an artist, why can't I draw/paint/sculpt?" I began doing drypoint on plexiglas... read more
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Sallie Zigterman

I enjoy experimenting with my art. I started my education in art through the Famous Artists School based in Westport, Connecticut. This was a home course that featured instructors such as Norman... read more