Due to the Covid-19 virus, The Reeds Lake Art Festival which was scheduled to take place in East Grand Rapids, June 20th, 2020, is canceled

Art and Art Stuff: Big Swap!

Are you figuring out what you want to swap/sell/give away at our "garage sale" on the 19th? I have a TON of frames to rehome. Thinking I'll bring a stack of paintings, too, since they aren't exactly doing me any good stacked at home. We will have the swap even if it is a little rainy now and then. Only a really bad day will stop us, so load up that trunk! Show up at the GVA parking lot between 1 and 4 on Saturday, the 19th of September. Also, if you have paintings at GVA, it will be a good time to pick them up.

About Facebook

Facebook does not need to be intimidating. You can become a Facebook user even if you have no intention of using it for anything else other than participating in our GVA pages. You will need to create an account by signing up on Facebook using your own name so we will know who you are and allow you to belong to our pages. When you have created your basic page set up, you will need to do a search at the top of the Home Page to find our GVA pages.

See That Button?

Grand Valley Artists has provided its members with SO many opportunities to gather and share our passion for art. If it has meant a lot to you, you might use that "Make a Donation" button on the left side of the screen to show the love. Or, you can send a check to GVA at 1695 Service Rd. NE, Suite 106, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Without the Reeds Lake Art Festival, our main source of funding, we will deplete our funds. Help keep GVA strong! Make a donation today! THANKS!

Check Out Our New Facebook Gallery

During this difficult time, we are fortunate to have a passion. GVA has given us a fellowship where we can share our passion, but the current situation has made painting together, attending monthly activities, and having our usual fun times impossible. But NO! It isn't impossible! Time to get into social media, namely Facebook, to share what you are creating with the rest of us! When you have a Facebook account, you can ask to be invited to our new page, GVA Artists Hunkering DOWN and MAKING ART! Just go to that group page and apply to join.

COVID-19: Most GVA Activities Suspended

In light of the current health crisis and the need to avoid gatherings, GVA will not be having most regular sketch sessions/critique/program until the threat to our members has passed. We have started having Saturday sessions for 10 people max. You can sign up using the form that is shared via Mailchimp each week. If you have any problems signing up, contact Dana Donnell (DanaBDonnell@gmail.com) or Kathy Bechtel (kathleen.bechtel@yahoo.com).


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